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Please read our frequently asked questions below and contact us with any further questions

My wedding isn't until 2020, is it too early to book?

Absolutely not! We are already booking into 2020 and have many dates already fully booked. Earlier is better for booking as it will guarantee your date.

Do you offer cake tastings?

At this time I do offer cake tasting boxes. The boxes are $15 . Cost of tasting box will be put towards your wedding cake if booked

Do you offer consultations?

Yes we do offer free bridal consultations. Because we don't have our own shop, all our consults are held at Stems Flowers and Café. Due to space in our consults area we like to keep consults for the bride, groom and one guest. Consults do not include cake tasting. If you are wanting to purchase cake tasting box please let us know when booking the consult. 

how do i go about booking?

In order to book and secure your date, we do require a 50% deposit up front on custom wedding cakes/cupcakes.  Once you are ready to book and pay the deposit you will be required to also sign a wedding contract. We know how busy it can be planning your big day, so we can do payments/contracts interactions through email or set up a meeting in person.

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